Value Creation Beyond Traditional Models

Value Based Care Plans

PsychPlus uses tech to improve mental health care, creating value for patients, insurance, and employers, with Optum as its partner.

Innovative Vision for Mental Health Care

Vertical Care Model for Holistic Well-Being

Value Creation Beyond Traditional Models

Welcome and Overview

PsychPlus embodies a visionary mission in mental health care, striving to foster emotional well-being through innovative approaches. Acknowledging the imperative for transformative care models, this introduction paves the way for implementing value-based care—a strategy focused on treating mental health issues and creating enduring value. PsychPlus aims to redefine mental health care, ushering in a new comprehensive and practical well-being solutions era.

Future-Oriented Commitment to Care Models

Tangible Benefits for Insurers

Comprehensive Mental Health Support for Employers

PsychPlus’s Vertical Model

PsychPlus adopts the Vertical Care Model, a holistic approach that addresses every facet of mental health. Leveraging advanced software, PsychPlus aims to optimize outcomes by streamlining processes and personalizing care. This technology ensures increased compliance and enhances user engagement with mental health resources, showcasing PsychPlus’s commitment to effective, integrated care.

Creating Value Outside Traditional Models

In a paradigm shift from traditional fee-for-service models, PsychPlus pioneers a transition towards value creation in mental health care. This shift is instrumental in treating mental health concerns and generating tangible benefits for insurance. PsychPlus’s innovative approach creates a win-win scenario by offering advantages for self-insured employers. This strategic move signifies a departure from conventional models, reflecting PsychPlus’s commitment to delivering enhanced value and sustainable mental health solutions.

Beyond the Present: Future of Value-Based Care

Looking ahead, PsychPlus affirms its commitment to continually evolving care models in the mental health landscape. This dedication extends to exploring future trends and implications within mental health care. As a proactive player in the field, PsychPlus envisions continuous innovation as a driving force behind improved patient outcomes. The commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements underscores PsychPlus’s resolve to shape the future of mental health care through dynamic, forward-thinking approaches.

Tangible Benefits for Insurance

Demonstrating improved patient well-being

PsychPlus revolutionizes mental healthcare through a value-based model, benefiting insurers. Emphasizing patient outcomes betters well-being, cutting long-term health risks, and saving insurers money.

Lowering long-term healthcare costs

PsychPlus prioritizes proactive preventive mental health care, reducing extensive, costly interventions. This aligns closely with healthcare’s trend towards prevention, creating a sustainable, cost-effective model.

Forging lasting partnerships with insurers

PsychPlus’s commitment to value-based care forges enduring insurer partnerships, which are instrumental in shaping mental health care. Improved patient health outcomes notably highlight PsychPlus’s model effectiveness.

Providing Comprehensive Mental Health Support

Self-insured employers partnering with PsychPlus gain access to a robust mental health support system. This encompasses a comprehensive range of services, ensuring employees receive the necessary resources and assistance to manage their mental well-being effectively.

Aligning with the Evolving Landscape of Corporate Well-being

PsychPlus’s mental health support aligns seamlessly with the evolving landscape of corporate well-being. As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of holistic employee wellness, PsychPlus provides a solution beyond traditional benefits, demonstrating a commitment to staying at the forefront of corporate well-being trends.

PsychPlus Provides Care
on a Vertical Model


PsychPlus provides care on a vertical model and utilizes software to improve outcomes by increasing compliance and engagement.

Value Created
for Insurances

This results in value created for insurance and self-insured employers outside your traditional fee-for-service model.


PsychPlus is in a collaborative partnership with Optum, working jointly to deliver a value-based care model to its patients.

Enhancing Workplace Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Integrating comprehensive mental health support directly translates into enhanced workplace productivity. By addressing mental health proactively, PsychPlus contributes to a healthier and more engaged workforce, fostering an environment where employees feel supported and valued. This, in turn, positively impacts overall employee satisfaction.

Features of Value-Based Care


Value-based care prioritizes positive patient outcomes, delivering high-quality, effective care to enhance overall well-being.

Preventive and Proactive Strategies

Emphasizing preventive measures, value-based care identifies and addresses potential health concerns early, reducing the need for extensive interventions and promoting a sustainable healthcare system.

Financial Incentives for Quality Care

Providers in value-based care are rewarded for delivering quality, efficient care, shifting the focus towards preventive measures, patient education, and long-term wellness.

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PsychPlus pioneers transformative mental health care through its innovative value-based approach. Adopting a vertical model and advanced software transforms outcomes and creates significant value for insurance and self-insured employers. The strategic partnership with insurances positions PsychPlus at the forefront of reshaping the future of mental health care. This commitment to proactive, patient-centric strategies and cutting-edge technology signals a bold step toward a healthier, more resilient end with PsychPlus.

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