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Practice Acquisition

At PsychPlus, we understand the importance of continuity in mental healthcare and the unique challenges practice owners face. Our mission is to enhance access to care for both existing and new patients, providing a seamless transition for practice owners looking to solidify their exit plan while maintaining the quality of services.

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Why Choose Practice Acquisition with PsychPlus?

Operational Freedom, Direct Involvement

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Practice owners can step away from the operational burden of ownership while remaining directly involved in the practice. Focus on what matters most – patient care.

Employee Retention and Fair Compensation

All employees remain on staff at their current rate of pay, ensuring stability and fair compensation. This commitment extends to maintaining a familiar and supportive environment for both staff and patients.

Guaranteed Income and Growth Potential

Practice owners are guaranteed to earn their current income, with the potential for significant financial growth. Our acquisition models are designed to create a win-win scenario, aligning the interests of both parties for mutual success.

Flexible Acquisition

Choose an acquisition model that suits your needs. Whether considering a full or partial acquisition, our models are highly flexible, accommodating the unique circumstances of each practice. Some models also offer a profit-sharing component to ensure ongoing collaboration and success.


Enjoy the flexibility to determine your work hours. Whether opting for full-time or part-time engagement, we believe in fostering a work-life balance that enhances both professional and personal well-being.

Hands-On Training
and Full Support:

Get practical, hands-on training and complete support to make sure you feel confident and ready for the changes. We’ve got your back every step of the way. We provide straightforward guidance to help you navigate the transition and succeed in your new setup.

Adaptable Acquisition: PsychPlus’ Unique Solutions

Recognizing that every practice is unique, PsychPlus offers flexible acquisition models. Whether considering a full or partial acquisition, our models are highly adaptable, accommodating the individual circumstances of each practice. Some models even incorporate profit-sharing components, fostering ongoing collaboration and success.

Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Access to Care

At PsychPlus, we believe in breaking down barriers to mental healthcare. Our mission begins with a commitment to enhancing access for both existing and new patients. By joining forces with PsychPlus, practice owners contribute to a broader network, enabling a more extensive reach and improved accessibility to mental health services.

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At PsychPlus, we are more than just an acquisition partner; we are your ally in shaping the future of mental health care. Join us in our mission to increase access to quality care while securing a prosperous future for both practice owners and patients. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of a seamless and rewarding practice acquisition.