For effective communication to take place you must share your thoughts, opinions and knowledge in a way that it is comprehended clearly and accurately. Effective communication has taken place when the involved parties are satisfied that their exchange has resulted in a complete, shared experience.

Effective communication in the workplace has taken place when both staff members have been able to express their thoughts and suggestions in a respectful, professional manner. Only when effective communication has taken place can members work effective as members of a team.

Effective communication is an integral part of human interaction and fulfilment. It is only through effective communication that you can understand how the world around you expects you to behave and how they will treat you in response. In the workplace this is even more the case, ensuring that your communication with supervisors and co-workers will result in them being pleased with your work and interested in having you remain as a member of the team.

People looking to improve their communication skills can read about the subject and also work with a professional to improve their skills. The Harvard Division of Professional Education tells us that “communication is primarily about word choice. And when it comes to word choice, less is more. The key to powerful and persuasive communication—whether written or spoken—is clarity and, when possible, brevity.”

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