There are certainly some special struggles that long-time singles face when getting back into dating or into a steady, long-term relationship. When someone has been single, perhaps for a very long time, they build up a wide gamut of habits that can sometimes be hard to leave behind when they become involved romantically with a new person.

This is especially the case as individuals get older and can become more reliant on habit and more resistant to change. I would recommend that people getting back into relationships double check that this is something they really want to do and make sure they’re doing it for the right reasons. If you’re sitting around the house and binge watching some favorite shows and you image that everyone else is out there getting together, that alone is not a good reason to start dating.

If the timing is not right and the emotions are not right, you might want to move slowly. I would also recommend that people do a little research on how dating has changed since they were last out there. For example, online dating is the norm now, more so than ever before. Lots of people are dating online and they’re taking their time, perhaps dating for a few months before making any big decisions as opposed to moving as fast as they used to into relationships. In addition, since everybody has a smart phone at all times, and the ability to reach out to numerous people, playing hard to get is not what it used to be. Some people are freer online to be honest about how they feel – and that might be a good thing.

In the final analysis, I would recommend that people be honest with themselves as they consider getting back to dating. That’s always the best policy, period.”

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