This past year has been one for the history books. Emerging from the pandemic has been a challenging but fulfilling process, especially for healthcare providers and business leaders. As a psychiatrist as well as the CEO of PsychPlus, this has been doubly the case.

It’s important for everyone to take a bit of time and review what they’ve been through, the progress they’ve made, and perhaps even what their proudest accomplishment has been in 2022. This exercise in reflection helps us all see our lives more clearly and maybe even give ourselves a pat on the back! It’s a positive gesture connoting self-awareness and self-acceptance. As writer Abbie Russell points out, a pat on the back can even reinforce workplace culture and drive motivation!

For me, the establishment of PsychPlus stands as my proudest accomplishment of 2022. Our goal was to build a patient centric, mental health ecosystem that provides care that is enabled by our technology from the provider to the patient. And that’s what I believe we have accomplished. 

At PsychPlus, patients are engaged at a more intimate level, their provider access is enhanced, and therefore their overall experience is enhanced. PsychPlus provides numerous benefits to our patients, including setting appointments at patient convenience, customizing care plans, providing convenient medication reminders, offering smart features that improve the care we provide, and offering engaging videos to help patients understand the world of mental health.

I am proud to say that we also have a very low rate of provider turnover, which means patients get to keep their healthcare professionals and we can continue to deliver high quality of care.

For all these reasons, PsychPlus is my proudest accomplishment of 2022.

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