New data shows that moms are experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress as well as depression. In fact, one in ten first-time mothers reported symptoms of moderate to severe anxiety, while almost one in seven reported moderate to severe depression in the first year after giving birth.

Recent research from Ireland’s well-respected Trinity College’s School of Nursing and Midwifery focused on the prevalence of depression, anxiety and stress symptoms experienced by first-time mothers from pregnancy throughout the first postpartum year. 

The research also showed that:

– 19.2 per cent of new mothers reported moderate to severe stress symptoms in the year after having their first baby,
– Some 69% of women who reported having symptoms of depression in the postpartum year did not have any symptoms during pregnancy, and
– This figure rises to 71% for those with anxiety symptoms.

Moms can reduce stress in numerous ways, including taking a “stress break” can be very helpful for moms. Just getting away for ten or fifteen minutes can make a difference. Doing some exercises like stretching and deep breathing during your stress break can make it even more effective.

Research shows that exercise can really help lower your stresslevels. This exercise can include swimming, running, walking and bike riding. And don’t forget dancing! 

Support groups can be very helpful for moms experiencing stress. That’s largely since relationships help reduce our stress and restore balance to our lives. Discussing your stressors with others who share some of the same issues is an effective way to grow as a person, reduce anxiety and get healthy.

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