Q: What tips do you have to help readers go on a social media cleanse?

A: There are a number of effective ways to go on a so-called social media cleanse. They include setting specific time limits on social media, using productivity apps to track social media usage, and designate certain periods of the day for social media usage. Consider creating a schedule that includes breaks from screens to help reduce overall social media time.

Q: How long should readers go on the cleanse?

A: Usually going on a weeklong social media cleanse should be enough time for most people to change their behavior.

Q: What are the benefits?

A: There are numerous benefits to undertaking a social media cleanse. They include spending more time with friends and family, spending more time exercising, spending more time reading content that might help with vocational improvements and spending more time sleeping.

Q: What does a healthy relationship with social media look like?

A: A healthy relationship with social media should mean that it is a part of your daily life but not the most dominant part. As the expression goes: all things in moderation!

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