Are there any misconceptions about bipolar disorder?
Many people don’t realize that bipolar disorder can run in families. Data demonstrates that those with specific genes can have a bigger chance than others of having bipolar disorder.

What are some signs of bipolar disorder that people may not realize?
Many people think bipolar disorder is limited to swings from high to low moods and back. But it’s more involved than that. Bipolar disorder can also include agitation and impulsive behavior.

What is the difference between bipolar 1 and bipolar 2?
Bipolar I disorder is a more severe version of the disease. It can include manic episodes that last a week or more and can end up in hospitalization. Bipolar II disorder is a less severe version.

How is bipolar disorder treated? How successful are these treatments?
Treatment for bipolar disorder can take a number of forms, including medications, talk therapy, and exercise. Learning to recognize the condition can also be critical to making sure you receive the appropriate care in a timely manner. Most people can be successfully treated for bipolar disorder.

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