Acute Care Hospitals and Emergency Rooms

PsychPlus is able to leverage

Its vertical alignment and its rapid response time by qualified mental health professionals to expectedly place patients in an appropriate level of care.

PsychPlus has shown that its model

Can decrease length of stay for a mental health patient in the emergency room by 50% and decrease rate of admission by 70%.

We have shown decreased loss of property and employee

Injury in the ED due to appropriate level of care provided in the ED

PsychPlus boasts twice as high of post discharge

Follow up rate from the ED due to leveraging technology in assisting patients to follow up with outpatient care. This has resulted in significant decrease in rapid readmission.

PsychPlus offers a unique hybrid model of care where 20-30%

Of the care is provided in-person in combination with virtual care, which allows us to be intimately involved with the psychosocial factors affecting delay of care for mental health patients.

With our robust care system in place

We are able to provide both inpatient and outpatient care, supporting patients through their entire journey. All while significantly reducing costs for hospitals and insurance companies.